Earn More Money

How It Works:

You have a reasonable amount of customers coming into your store on a monthly basis and local merchants in your immediate area are looking for ways to reach them. Many of these local business or professionals are your customers, such as realtors, dentists, contractors, chiropractors, retailers etc. With the larger stores we would partner with them and install bench or benches in their store, locate advertisers and share in the monthly revenue with them. With smaller stores there may not be quite enough customers on a monthly basis for both of us to make a reasonable income.  But the solution is simple, they still have enough store traffic to make a nice income. That is why we offer the opportunity for them to purchase the bench and with their purchase they will receive assorted information and tools to assist and help in locating the advertiser or sponsor. A typical advertiser or sponsor will sign up for a minimum of 6 to 12 months advertising term, so they only have to locate one or two sponsors per year. All Smart-Benches come with  “Advertise Here, Inquire at Front Counter” so the advertiser may come to them.

With the information we provide even your key employee could easily handle this responsibility!

We provide and will work with your new advertiser to develop his ad design and do the printing production of his ad panel. The advertiser will have the ability to login to his own page on our website (BenchBiz.com)  upload his logo or photos etc and approve his art work. This finished panel will then be sent to you for insertion into the bench. This process is simple and information is provided in the practical guide we provide with each bench as explained below. Or the customer is free to select another local printer to do this service. Our total fees for production are a one time cost of $140.00, which the advertiser would be responsible for.

What we provide:

1     Bench will come with a pre-printed, decorative, high resolution background scene with “Advertise Here, Inquire at Front Counter” message panel and backlit so it stands out. This panel can easily be switched with the new advertiser’s panel.

2     A small, fact filled training manual to help you get started in no time!  Some of the information contained inside listed below:

  1.  Where to locate potential advertisers-sponsors. a list of the top 25 categories.
  2.  Sales agreement that can be copied and reused.
  3.  A list of the top sales points about the bench.
  4.  Determine what price to charge and understanding CPM.
  5.  Key employee
  6.  Information and illustrations on how to maintain your new bench.

In-store Promotional Materials include:

– Double sided  Table top tent 4″w x 6″h that can be used on your counter, near register.

– Wall or counter Poster 11″w x 17″h.

– Hand out informal sheet 8.5″w x 11″h.

*Note: the above 3 items can be copied and  placed throughout your store to help promote your bench.

We offer two bench sizes and designs. The 4′ bench is made for one advertiser and the 6′ bench is designed to handle 2 advertisers. Both benches offer a small foot print and can easily be located in confined areas. Their contemporary design is of commercial quality production. The backlighting feature allows the background design and ad to vividly stand out in a commercial setting.  Designed for indoor use only, both benches are available in black or sand color. Production takes 2 to 4 weeks.

These benches require only a minimal amount of time,  yet offer you a steady income stream for many years to come.