Our Smart Bench could make you
$100 – $600 a month profit
with no investment required.


Just place one of our patent-pending back illuminated Smart Benches in your store and start earning money every month.

We provide everything and handle all the details needed to transform your unused space into profits.



The program is very simple, and we offer two ways for you to earn monthly profits.

1. NO INVESTMENT REQUIRED: We place our back-lit Smart Bench in your store, and we find a local business to advertise. Then we share that ongoing income with you! Ideal for supermarkets, resorts, liquor stores, large restaurants, convenience stores, health clubs, hotel and motel lobby ways, area attractions, retail stores etc. Wherever large groups congregate. We provide a service for your customers and value to your bottom line. We do it all: from our back lite bench setup and installation to generating ad sponsorships, to ongoing maintenance of our product. We have custom benches for inside and outside placement. We invite you to contact us for full information on our partnership for profits and how we can work together.

– OR –

2. IF YOU WANT TO EARN EVEN MORE MONEY: You just make a small investment and own the Smart Bench. Then all the income earned goes directly to you . . month after month. We provide you with full information on how to locate a sponsor to advertiser on the bench plus counter-top brochures, counter-top card and sales poster to promote your new income source. The majority of the time a current customer of your business will be the advertiser and the minimum period to advertise is 6 to 12 months, with many renewing their agreements. A key employee could even learn to manage this. With this approach, the full return on your investment should only take 5 – 6 months.

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We know there are other advertising benches available, but our unique Smart Bench uses patent-pending backlighting technology to create an eye-catching picturesque background scene (mountains, beaches, nature, etc.) Then we overlay a simple advertising message from a local business to create something memorable.

This durable bench is not only customer friendly, it will complement any business environment with a professional design, sturdy construction, advanced lighting and bright, advertising graphics.

• Benches are customer friendly providing people visiting within your store with a place to sit, check phone messages, plan their day or just get a quick rest.

• You make money from unused store space.

• Most advertisers are your local merchants or customers!

• We take care of the design and production of the custom advertising bench backer and guarantee the quality and durability of the construction and design of our new, unique, patent-pending Smart Bench.

• Even if you have a smaller mid-sized store with 8,000 average customers per month, you can still make $100 to $200 per month!


You could earn from $100 – $600 profit per month!

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